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Our Mission

T.J. McCoy & Associates, LLC is in the business to help our clients grow the value of their business. We specialize in measurement and pay systems that improve employee performance and add value to the bottom line.

Our clients are committed to the following beliefs:

  1. Employees can affect profitability
  2. Business partners perform better than hired hands

Business Questions

Looking to increase profits and improve cash flow, quality & customer satisfaction?

We specialize in measurement and pay systems that enhance employee performance. [link]

Having problems attracting, retaining and motivating your employees?

We address the two biggest problems every manager has:

  1. How to measure performance and
  2. How to motivate employees

Engage your employees in the business. Create a high involvement/high performance culture. [link]

Are your employees doing all they can to create profit?

If not, contact us today [click here]. We have the answers.


Customer Satisfaction Statements

"CEO Testimonial To The Board"
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“This is an essential tool for building our company.”
President/CEO, Midwestern Manufacturing Co.

“I think this is the best recruiting tool I have ever seen.”
CEO, Midwestern Bank

“In the past we were just throwing our bonus money away. With our new pay system we are receiving a significant return on our investment."
EVP, Mortgage Company (most profitable in its catagory, 2 years running.)

"The ScoreCard makes the budget meaningful to everyone. It builds accountability and provides an opportunty for people to succeed."
Chair - National Law Firm

"It works, even in slow times"
President - Manufacturing Co. (ESOP)
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