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About Us


1)    Employees can affect profitability

2)    Partners perform better than hired hands


Our mission is to grow a profitable consulting practice through the implementation of management practices that increase value for our clients and improve the quality of work life for their employees

Thomas McCoy is President of T. J. McCoy & Associates,LLC, a Kansas City based management consulting group that emphasizes employee education, performance measurement, and pay systems linked to results.

He is the author of two books on the topic of human resources utilization: Compensation and Motivation, and Creating an Open-Book Organization. He has national and international consulting experience in the development of performance measurement systems and their linkage to incentive and motivation techniques.

He designed & facilitates a two day seminar on Creating An Open Book Organization sponsored by the American Management Association. He has been quoted in Newsweek and taught a continuing education course at George Washington University.

His consulting practice includes the development of performance measures, the use of innovative incentive and reward strategies, and financial education training for all employees. He developed and facilitates a line-of-sight process that creates in each employee an understanding of the link between their daily activity and the profitability of the company. This combination of reward systems, basic business education, and line-of-sight understanding creates a sustainable competitive advantage for any organization.

Mr. McCoy's first book, Compensation and Motivation, is now a text book for the Advanced Topics In Performance Management course at Florida State University. His second book, Creating an Open-Book Organization was nominated for the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) "Book Of The Year" award and has been translated into German. His professional honors include the IMRA Gold Key award and AIM Incentive Showcase Award for creative and effective incentive plan design. He is a graduate of the University of Minnesota.


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TJ McCoy & Associates, LLC has been providing compensation consulting services since 1993. During that time they have designed pay systems that included more than 200 ScoreCards.

Example results are:

  • 7% increase in profit
  • $8 million in cost savings
  • $65,000 addition to profit from recycling old inventory
  • $3,000/mo of new business from existing customers
  • Maintain same level of profit year-over-year with shrinking margins
  • 100% schedule attainment for the year
  • Scrap reduction of 12%
  • Customer satisfaction greater than 90%
  • Quality no less than 95% for the year
  • On time delivery of 95%
  • Maintain accounts receivable at 5% or below for the year
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