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Use LeaderShare® to Attract, Motivate and Retain the Best Management Talent

Link Leadership Wealth to Increase in Company Value

Developing an effective compensation package to attract, motivate and retain your key employees is a challenging task. LeaderShare® is an innovative, non-qualified deferred incentive compensation plan that effectively accomplishes all three of these objectives while it improves your company’s ability to create profit.

Designed To Be Effective

LeaderShare® was designed on a platform of behavioral psychology. Simply put, the more an incentive plan can offer rewards that are Positive, Immediate and Certain, the more motivational and effective it will be. LeaderShare® combines the best elements of stock look-alike plans, profit sharing and incentive pay.


LeaderShare® is performance driven. It ties Deferred Compensation Units to specific target benchmarks. Appreciation of these units is linked to profitable growth rather than the stock market. It allows for deferral of income on a pre-tax basis. It provides simple, automated annual administration and does not require expensive company valuation.

Flexible To Fit Your Needs

While LeaderShare® is designed to drive a steady increase in net earnings, it can easily be modified to focus on other critical factors such as Economic Value Added or include operational indicators on an individual participant basis. If your marketplace changes drastically, it has the capability to respond with ease. No more underwater options or expensive plan redesign.

Use the Software to Develop Your Leadership Team

Achieving steady earnings growth requires a team effort. Designed on an Excel™ platform, LeaderShare® offers an easy-to-use control panel and graphic display. Use the software to review the effect of short-term performance on long-range outcomes. Perform “what if” scenarios and adjust intermediate sales and operations forecasts as needed to remain on target. These capabilities enable the leadership group to work as a team to achieve long-range business outcomes...and the growth of their personal wealth.

Private or Public: a Balanced Focus

  • For private companies: LeaderShare® is an effective strategy that helps grow the business, develop the management team and compete for & retain critical talent.
  • For public companies: LeaderShare® links business unit performance criteria to corporate measures, preserves cash, defers tax for the recipients and has the potential for neutral effect on the balance sheet.
  • For any company: LeaderShare® builds wealth for participants as it delivers steady earnings growth.

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