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Make It Easy To Sell Your Company...And Get The Most For It.

OwnerShare™ is an innovative, non-qualified deferred incentive compensation plan designed to increase current profit and maximize the net-to-owner at time of sale.

Encourage and Reward Your Leadership Team

OwnerShare™ places the leadership team on a par with the ownership. It provides them with “a piece of the action” without giving up ownership or control. OwnerShare™ combines the best elements of stock look-alike plans, profit sharing and incentive pay.

Focus On Increasing the Net-To-Owner Upon Sale

OwnerShare™ is performance driven. It ties management wealth to specific target benchmarks. Annual “Right Against Ownership” units have a target value. These units can appreciate or depreciate based on actual net-to-owner upon sale compared to target net-to-owner. OwnerShare™ allows for deferral of income on a pre-tax basis. It provides simple, automated annual administration and does not require expensive company valuation.

Use the Software to Develop Your Leadership Team

Achieving steady earnings growth and a maximum market value modifier requires a team effort. Designed on an Excel™ platform, OwnerShare™ offers an easy-to-use control panel and graphic display.

Use the software to review the effect of short-term performance on the sale value target. Perform “what if” scenarios and adjust intermediate sales and operations forecasts as needed to remain on target. These capabilities enable the leadership group to work as a team to maximize the value of the company prior to the sales transaction...and to maximize the growth of their personal wealth.

Initiate Your Exit Strategy Now!

Positioning your company to get the most out of it takes time. Start today. OwnerShare® is an effective exit strategy that delivers steady earnings growth, maximizes the net-to-owner at sale and builds wealth for the leadership team.


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