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LeaderShare For Executives

An innovative performance unityplan designed to attract, retain and motivate critical talent. This non-qualified, deferred incentive plan is used by private and public companies in lieu of stock options to focus senior management on real revenue growth and net profit improvement.
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Prepare your company for sale... and ge the most out of it.

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 Line-Of-Sight Linkage

Consists of a Trainer's Manual, a Leader's Guide and Participant Workbooks. Each participant gains understanding of their role and how it affects key operational and financial measurements. During the process they clearly see their ability to impact the success of the business. Each participant then develops a detailed personal action plan to improve results. In addition to creating a line-of-sight and a personal action plan, this is a powerful teambuilding opportunity that provides everyone in a department with a big-picture understanding of how the various groups in an organization are linked through their contribution.



A unique, proprietary spreadsheet program that enables managers to easily and quickly track, report, and communicate the effect of performance changes on incentive pay.
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P3 High Performance Model

An integrated approach to maximize company value!

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Creating An "Open-Book" Organization: Where All Employees Think And Act Like Business Partners

This how-to-do book describes in detail the open-book concepts and provides models, templates, processes and examples of how to transform your employees into business partners...focused on profit and cash.

Thomas McCoy
Published by AMACOM Books

"McCoy's book is a must-read for those serious about employee involvement. Employees without information cannot be truly involved or empowered. This book offers practical techniques you can use to create a high-performance culture."
Gordon Smith, Senior Vice President - Human Resources, Olsten Kimberly Quality Care

"Tom McCoy's Partnership Formula is a must to help build shareholder wealth in corporate America."
Michael P. Connors, Senior V. P. & Chief Human Resources Officer, The Dun & Bradstreet Corporation.

"This book is a superb resource for any business owner. McCoy shows how to break out of the "us vs. them" mentality that can make employer-employee relations so unproductive. It's an exciting process, and it works.

Kimball Derrick, President & Owner, K.D. and Steele Cabinetry
"The entire organization responded to the suggestions in Creating an Open-Book Organization by giving me tips on how to get the most value out of our client relationships without increasing our pricing. My employees now understand their role in making sure our organization maintains its profitability."
Michael J. Carney, Chairman, The Investment Marketing Group


Written By Thomas McCoy
Published By AMACOM Books


Compensation and Motivation: Maximizing Employee Performance with Behavior-Based Incentive Plans.

A classic analysis of the psychology behind successful reward and recognition systems. The only book of its kind and a must read for everyone who develops or uses reward plans. By linking employee needs to company needs, the behavior-based incentive compensation model (BBIC) explains how to motivate people and get a return on your investment.

Written By Thomas McCoy
Published By AMACOM Books

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