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Use ScoreCard™ to Measure, Manage & Motivate Your Employees. Create Focus, Understanding and Commitment to the Bottom Line

Continuous Improvement Starts With Measurement.

One of the most difficult challenges for any manager is to measure employee performance. ScoreCard™ is a tightly structured goal-setting process that identifies a prioritized set of performance measures for each individual, team or department. With ScoreCard™ you can measure financial and operational performance and use that measurement to manage and develop employees.

The ScoreCard™ Design Process

Custom flow diagrams walk the design team through a process that rapidly leads to definitions of customers, primary objectives, performance measures and priorities. This process results in a multi-tiered set of measures that report performance on a company, department, team and even individual level...a balanced ScoreCard™.

Designed To Be Effective

ScoreCard™ was designed on a platform of behavioral psychology using the Antecedent-Behavior-Consequence model. Simply put, the more information employees receive about the results of their performance, the more they can improve their performance. Programmed in Excel™ to calculate actual performance levels compared to targets or norms, ScoreCard™ provides maximum performance feedback...and encourages continuous improvement.

Use ScoreCard™ to Build Teams

The ScoreCard™ design process is an excellent teambuilding activity. It includes the development of a “relationship grid” that provides a big-picture understanding of how the various groups in an organization are linked by contribution. Employees understand which groups in the organization are their “business partners”.

Use ScoreCard™ to Communicate Performance Expectations

The ScoreCard™ is a powerful communication tool. It provides employees with a clear understanding of their “customers,” the outcomes they are expected to deliver to them, and the criteria used to measure the effectiveness of their performance. It is a single source of information about the contribution they are expected to make...and how to measure their performance.

Use ScoreCard™ for Incentive Pay!

This flexible platform is ideal for incentive pay. Use it to build an effective, self-funding incentive pay plan focused on your key performance indicators. The software can manage all your design parameters: objectives, measures, thresholds & targets, weights, caps, gates, and others. The tightly focused design process makes it easy to build a ScoreCard™ for each team. Become a ScoreCard™ company. Give your employees a tool they can use to make their incentive plan work!

Flexibility To Fit Your Needs

If changing business conditions require a change of focus, ScoreCard™ has the ability to respond with ease. No more expensive plan redesign or confusing changes. The software enables you to quickly and easily make changes to any of your program parameters.


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