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We specialize in transforming the traditional employer/employee relationship into a business partnership, where all participants are focused on the bottom line.

We offer services in four overlapping areas.

1. Consulting

We have a coherent, long term process for developing employees into business partners, with the associated behavior and performance. This change process is based on our E4/R4/C4 Partnership Model.

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2. Compensation: Incentive and Base Pay Design and Implementation

We recommend leading the cultural transformation with self-funding Incentive Pay plans. These plans form the basis of the performance effort and are designed to support the annual revenue and profit plan. Working with you, we identify the critical activities that must be accomplished for the organization to achieve its business objectives. Using a combination of base pay and incentive pay, a self-funding plan is developed that provides stimulus and focus to all employees.

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3. Open-Book Management: Education and Communication

We support the change with targeted communication processes, employee training and education, and tactical activities employees use to change their behavior and performance

E4/R4/C4 Methodology.

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Culture Development
Case History Results
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4. Sales Incentives and Sales Promotions

Sales Incentive Plans: These short term plans are normally deployed in addition to the established compensation plans. They are used to focus sales efforts on special events such as new product introductions, high margin product sales, key client acquisition, or other "project" type revenue generating efforts. During the design of these plans we work with you to determine the most effective reward medium to use in achieving your revenue objectives.

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Customer Promotion Plans: These programs are focused at motivating your customers to take action based on product usage. These promotion plans are normally designed and conducted in conjunction with a sales incentive plan or direct mail campaign. They are designed to provide a complete push-pull marketing effort.

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Our Client Relationship

We recommend working on an "As-Needed" basis, providing only the services needed, as they are needed.

We start by assisting our clients to define the scope of work and then jointly develop a plan of action to achieve their objectives.

Public and Private Companies

We have extensive experience in both the public and private sector.


A Typical Starting Engagement


A Typical Starting Engagement

  • Executive Compensation
    • LeaderShare™
      A non-stock based deferred incentive pay plan. This non-qualified incentive plan is used by private and public companies to focus senior management on real revenue growth and net profit improvement.
  • All Employee Compensation
    • We help define a compensation philosophy that incorporates competitive Base Pay and self-funding Incentive Pay in a comprehensive pay strategy. This strategy is the foundation of the employee partnership.
  • Base Pay
    • In relation to market pay
  • Incentive Pay
    • ScoreCards™
      We utilize a proprietary spreadsheet program called ScoreCards™ in conjunction with our incentive pay plans. ScoreCards™ is an excellent communication device that enables managers to easily and quickly track, report, and communicate to all employees the effect of performance changes on their incentive pay.
  • Defining Roles and Managing Expectations
    • We assist in defining and communicating the new roles employees are expected to fulfill.
  • Assessment/Development Tools
    • Traditional performance management instruments are transformed into tools to assess the development needs of each employee in their role as a partner. These instruments are customized for each client and support the improvement & change process. They address both behavior and performance, using subjective and objective measures.
  • Basic Business Education
    • Employees need to be educated and informed about the business in order to participate as partners. While each organization has its own educational needs, some of the services initially provided are:
      • Basic Business Literacy Awareness: Understanding the business plan and understanding how the a company makes a profit and generates cash.
      •  Line-Of-Sight Linkage and Action Planning: Used as a communication tool by a manager or supervisor, this group process creates an understanding for each employee as to how they contribute to the success of the organization. As a result, each employee develops a personal action plan and set of measures for improving results on a daily basis.

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