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Solutions for Closely Held Companies

Improve Annual Profits and Maximize Company Value

Do you have plans for getting maximum value for your company when you transfer ownership? If not, you could lose millions.

  • The next five years will see the start of a buyers market for private businesses.
  • Fact: 75% of all U.S. corporations are privately owned and most of them are owned by baby boomers.
  • Fact: 85 million baby boomers will retire in the next 5-10 years.

What will these buyers look for in a company? What will they value most? They will place a premium on three things:

1) A history of strong earnings growth. [link]

2) A focused and dedicated workforce. [link]

3) A management team that can run the business [link] without the owner.

Don’t lose the sweat equity you built into your company. Contact us today to ensure maximum value tomorrow.



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