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Strategic Planning

A strategic plan is the basis for short- and long-term success. It is the foundation on which tactical action plans and budgets are developed. It is essential to general operations and both short-and long-term success.

To avoid the “Plan-On-The-Shelf” syndrome, our strategic planning process is divided into three phases:

1. Assessment

2. Development

3. Implementation

During the Assessment phases, long-term objectives are identified. The process includes a review/development of mission, vision, core values, strategies and overall philosophies in addition to the traditional SWOT analysis.

In the Development phase, long-term strategic objectives are translated into short-term quantifiable goals and action plans. Measurement, employee incentive pay systems [link] and deferred incentive compensation [link] are developed during this phase.

During the Implementation phase the workforce is engaged in the day to day decisions and actions necessary to achieve the objectives and initiatives. It is during this phase that employees develop focus, understanding, commitment and accountability.

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