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Goal Setting: ScoreCard Development

The Process of Defining Your Objectives and Creating a ScoreCard; to Measure Performance Outcome: Answer The Question, "What Should I be Working On...And Why?"


"Without Clearly Defined Objectives, It’s Difficult to Improve

A tactical definition of empowerment is "the ability and authority to make decisions and take action." Only when employees have the ability to identify objectives and measure the results of their actions can they be empowered. Employees who measure the results of their performance and adjust their daily actions accordingly are a sustainable competitive advantage for any organization. With the understanding created by this Goal Setting process, participants develop a clear understanding of the contribution they are expected to make...and how to measure their performance.

"The ability to keep score enables you to win."

Workshop Objectives:

1. Create a ScoreCard for performance feedback...and encourage continuous improvement.

2. Create a ScoreCard for incentive pay...and link rewards to results

Action Outcome: Each participant creates a ScoreCard consisting of a prioritized set of performance measures. Participants walk away with a method to measure their performance...and you get a return on your investment as performance improves.

Content: A step-by-step process helps each participant identify their "customers," the outcomes they are expected to deliver, and methods of measuring the effectiveness of their performance.

Create Targeted, Self-Funding Incentive Pay Plans: The ScoreCard Development process was originally designed as a method of easing the burden of designing incentive pay plans. It identifies objectives and weighted measures. The end product is a spreadsheet program that auto-calculates incentive pay based on performance...and gives your employees a tool they can use to make their incentive pay plan work!

Reduce Incentive Plan Design Time: This proprietary method transforms what used to be a time consuming, linear process into a parallel process where each participant or team representative, develops his/her specific ScoreCard in a group environment...with immediate peer review. Custom flow diagrams walk the participants through a thought process that rapidly leads to definitions of how to measure performance.

Teambuilding and Cross-Functional Relationships: This workshop is a powerful teambuilding opportunity for both functional and cross-functional groups. It provides all participants with a big-picture understanding of how the various groups in an organization are linked by contribution

Time Requirements: In many cases, attendees can develop their ScoreCards during a single six hour session.

Materials: Consists of a Leader’s Guide and Participant Workbooks. A Trainer’s Kit is available for those organizations who wish to certify their trainers.

Implementation: Your choice. We conduct the workshop or we train your trainers.

1. T. J. McCoy & Associates, LLC will train, certify and licenses your trainers to deliver the "Goal Setting" ScoreCard Development workshop.

2. Once certified, your trainers can conduct the workshop or train your managers, supervisors, team leaders and others in the organization as facilitators, able to conduct this workshop for their employees.

3. Once trained, facilitators can conduct this workshop for their employees as part of a "Goal Setting — Goal Getting" continuous improvement process.

Two Day Trainer Certification Workshop: During this two day workshop, your trainers are educated in the design mechanics of the ScoreCard™ Development process. They learn the psychology and adult learning techniques designed into the process...and how to program the actual ScoreCard spreadsheet.

Your trainers first assume the role of participant and create their own ScoreCard. They then practice their role as trainer/facilitator. Materials include:

Trainer’s Guide

Includes 28 pages of instructions

24 color overhead cells

3 master templates for participant use

Wall Chart of ScoreCard process flow diagram.

Facilitator’s Guide

21 pages of instructions

17 color overhead cells

3 master templates for participant use

Wall Chart of L-O-S process flow diagram.

Participant Workbook: Includes 19 pages of instruction, 3 implementation forms

Customize: This process is self customizing. During the workshop, each participant customizes his/her ScoreCard to align with your organization’s higher level business objectives.

Management Development: Holding a management development seminar? This process is applicable to all levels of the organization. It’s an excellent teambuilding event that results in a better understanding of each management team member’s responsibilities. Clients say the result is "Awesome."


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