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Goal Getting: Line-Of-Sight Linkage™: "Aligning day-to-day activities with business objectives"

The ability to link individual performance to company profitability is a fundamental part of developing employees into business partners. This ability allows each employee to see how their daily actions contribute to the success of the organization. This linkage of activity to profit is called line-of-sight. It is clearly represented, perhaps for the first time, in our Line-Of-Sight Linkage™ model. Using the model to create a line-of-sight, each employee develops a personal action plan focused on improving business outcomes. This process uses accountability to stimulate employee participation.

  • Workshop Purpose: Create individual understanding of the linkage between daily activity and financial outcomes.
  • Action Outcome: Each participant creates a personal action plan and a set of measures for improving results on a daily basis.
  • Materials: Consists of a Workshop Leader's Guide, Participant Workbooks and Wall Charts. A Trainer's Kit is available for those organizations who wish to certify their trainers.
  • Content: A four step process helps each participant gain understanding of his/her role and how it affects selected operational and financial measurements. During the workshop, participants clearly see their ability to impact the success of the business. Each participant then develops a detailed personal action plan to improve results.
  • Teambuilding and Cross-Functional Relationships: In addition to developing a line-of-sight and creating a personal action plan, this workshop is a powerful teambuilding opportunity for both functional and cross-functional groups. It provides all participants with a big-picture understanding of how the various groups in an organization are linked through their contribution...and who their business partners are.
  • Time Requirements: Designed for use in weekly team meetings, the simplicity of this process enables a session to be completed within one hour. Each workshop session can be focused on a single performance objective. By including more than one performance objective in a session, the amount of time required to develop action plans may be increased.
  • Synergy: Using this process in conjunction with incentive pay gives employees a tool they can use to change their daily performance patterns...and a reason to do so.
  • Availability: T. J. McCoy & Associates, LLC will conduct this workshop for your employees, or, if you prefer, your trainers can be certified and licensed to deliver it.
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