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Culture Change: Open-Book Management: Creating a Partnership Between Employees and Employers.

Open-Book Management is much more than showing your employees the company's financial statements. It is a technique for transforming your employees into business partners...and in doing so, it provides your company with an unstoppable competitive advantage.

  • Purpose: The purpose of this two day, interactive seminar is to present a complete understanding of the concepts behind Open-Book Management...and provide a methodology you can use for implementation. In this seminar, you will learn about the elements of employee partnership...and the four management practices you can use to transform your company into an Open-Book Organization. Sponsored by the American Management Association, this seminar was developed and is conducted by Thomas McCoy, author of Creating an Open-Book Organization.
  • Materials: Each attendee receives a workbook containing the material covered in the seminar.
  • Outcomes: Attendees will walk away with an action plan for getting started. If you want a work environment where each employee is educated, knowledgeable, informed, motivated and stable, then this interactive seminar is for you. Understanding the fundamentals behind the statement "open-book management" will enable you to apply the concepts to your unique needs. Organizations that adopt some form of this innovative, win-win management methodology will excell...and those that don't will be left behind.
  • Content: The workshop is based on the E4-R4-C4 Partnership Model. This methodology examines the concept of partnership from the joint perspectives of management, employees and the customer...and provides tactics to address the concerns of each of these stakeholders.
  • Topic covered are:
    • Understanding Open-Book Management
    • Partnership and the Customer
    • Practices That Create Partnership
    • Managing Expectations of Employees and Customers
    • Managing the Stress Associated With Organizational Change
    • The Implementation Model: A Methodology for Getting Started
    • The Importance of Rewards and Incentives...and What Works
    • Preparing the Organization for Change: A Process Map
    • Examining a Case Study
    • Performing a Benefit Analysis: Is It Right For You?
    • The Next Step: Developing Your Action Plan
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