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Goal Setting: ScoreCard™ Development
The Process of Defining Objectives and Creating a ScoreCard™ to Measure Performance. Answer The Question, "What Should I be Working On...And Why?"

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Goal Getting: Line-Of-Sight Linkage™ and Action Planning.
"Aligning Day-To-Day Activities with Business Objectives"

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Culture Change: Open-Book Management
Learn how to create a Partnership between employees and employers. Open-Book Management is much more than showing your employees the company's financial statements. It is a technique for transforming your employees into business partners...and in doing so, provides your company with an unstoppable competitive advantage.

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Culture Development
Case History Results
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Understand Your Financial Statements.
Education about the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement. Apply the Line-Of-Sight Linkage™ process to develop a visual understanding of the relationships between personal activity and financial results. Outcome: Participants develop a personal plan of action based on their new understanding. (Can be customized to address your key indicators)

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Innovation and Relationship Skills Training.
Understand the process of innovation and learn the interpersonal skills necessary to encourage open relationships.

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